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Peacock sprint
Suggested By Jeremy Turner Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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On the western side of Peacock road, there is a shared pathway (bikes and pedestrians) and a parking lane and a cycling lane and then the two traffic lanes. Would be great if the shared path could have been made wider (perhaps by deletion of the extra cycle lane) with a central lane in the shared path for two way bike traffic with room for slower bikes and pedestrians at either side. This concpet could be applied elsewhere too and would likely work well, particularly if careful thought is put to how to get bikes from each side of King William Street / King William Road into the Peacock Road 'sprint path'

Walyu Yarta (Park 21)

Walyu Yarta (Park 21) is home to everything from ornate and manicured gardens, to sport playing fields and community garden.

Situated on the South Terrace frontage of Walyu Yarta (Park 21), Veale Gardens is a characteristic 1960s-styled semi-formal garden, influenced by contemporary European urban public garden designs. Veale Gardens is an ideal spot for everything from relaxing picnics to grand weddings. 

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