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Maybe some lighting..?
Suggested By Hamish Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The pathway from Frome to Hackney is PITCH BLACK! It's a bit of a worry given the high foot and cycle traffic through this area. Please try and schedule some lighting in there, as lots of cars park there and with people walking through, it makes it quite dangerous and a bit frightening walking/riding through there.

Botanic Park

A 34ha open, lawned ground with majestic trees, Botanic Park is the site of major events such as WOMADelaide, as well as the Moonlight Cinema.

Acquired by the Botanic Gardens in 1866, Botanic Park is managed as part of the Botanic Gardens. The park enables access to the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Zoo, and Frome Park/Nellie Raminyemmerin. 

What's happening in the park lands?