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Create a wider path in Bonython Park adjacent to the railway
Suggested By Cate Moore Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I have walked and ridden a bike many times on the path that runs adjacent to the railway in Bonython Park. It is the one that comes down to the tunnel under the railway. It is narrow for a shared path and I have had several near misses with pedestrians and other bicycle riders. I have even had a very disturbing occasion where people had deliberately put sticks across the track. It could be widened and provided with better light. It is a major link between sections of the Park Lands and improvements would be much appreciated.

Bonython Park/ Tulya Wardli (Park 27)

Bonython Park/Tulya Wardli is one of the most popular parks in the Adelaide Park Lands. It plays host to many events across the year including major music festivals.

The playgrounds within this park are unique. The hamster wheel, rope climbing frame and swings are just some of the many attractions that will keep children interested for hours on end. 

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