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Nature Treasure Hunt
Suggested By Kellie Kulinski Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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treasure hunt items of local interest....plant/hide/sneak little interesting plaques, statues, public art, historical commemorations etc etc around selected parks ie Botanic, Rymill, Wellington Square, Park 9 etc to encourage exploration of the parks by children & all ages to find the hidden 'stuff'. Bring the excitement and mystery to the parks in creative ways.....hidden kaliedoscopes, caves, things in trees, look for a four leaf clover, find a boomerang in the clouds etc linking to Adelaide's history, present & future. We need to give people a reason to visit the parks now.....but it shouldn't always have to be at a paid event. Old fashioned fun with a kick. Could link geocaching too.

Tidlangga (Park 9)

Tidlangga (Park 9) has a wide range of facilities including a barbeque, seating and public toilet facilities which make it a popular place for families to go on a Sunday afternoon for a picnic.

This park also contains a wide range of sporting facilities including a football and cricket oval, basketball and tennis courts and petanque piste.

What's happening in the park lands?