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Native Bee Homes
Suggested By Jaida Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I would really love to see native bee and insect homes, or 'bee hotels' as they are sometimes coined, set up in parks around Adelaide. These bee and insect homes attract insects that are vital to our native ecosystems and also provide beneficial pollinators to parks and surrounding areas. In conjunction with native bee and insect homes, I believe that planting more native flowering plants would be beneficial to the aesthetic appeal of the parks whilst also supporting these important insects. We should protect our native flora and fauna because, not only are they beautiful, but they play a pivotal role of our history, our culture and our country. We should especially protect our most vulnerable species that are being driven to extinction by urbanisation.

Moderator Comment: The artwork in the attached image (Located in Narnungga (Park 25)) was inspired by the seasonal flight patterns of the native bee

Botanic Garden

Situated just a short walk from Rundle Mall, the Botanic Gardens recently celebrated their 150th birthday and are a much-loved part of the city of Adelaide.

With towering trees and stunningly landscaped grounds, the gardens are a peaceful haven with many secluded spots. The Gardens include both native and exotic plants, with highlights including the Amazon Waterlilies and the Wollemi pine.

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