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Walking (and art) trails
Suggested By Peter Croft Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Adelaide is fairly flat and is ideally suited for walking trails. It would be great to have defined walking trails which pass through a mixture of the parklands and the city and, ideally, link with trails in nearby Council areas - such as the City of Unley. Apart from signage, no significant funds need to be spent on these trails.

However, to increase their value and interest, I suggest that the trails could reflect historical items of interest and, importantly, serve as a vehicle for outdoor art. Just as Bondi has a sculpture price each year (refer, so a suitably oriented walking trail could display sculpture works - either permanently or as part of a competition. If the trails went past cafes/restaurants too, we could create at a relatively low cost, features which would attract the community and tourists, stimulate the local cafe economy and support the arts.