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Wider pathways
Suggested By Darrilyn Wood Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The parklands are such beautiful places to have family gatherings, small and large events. Usually, people always want to unload their vehicles at the spot where they are gathering; or in the case of events, trucks (1 or 3 tonners only) need to carry heavy loads to the sites where they are setting up.

A wider pathway can be utilised for 2 things. One to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclist to co-habit at all times and secondly take the width of a vehicles tyres. Having a wider pathway can make it clear to those setting up that their vehicles should only stay on the path to unload/load thus keeping the lawns pristine.

It prevents vehicles from having to drive on the lawns or churn up the lawn alongside of the narrow pathway.

Karrawirra (Park 12)

Karrawirra (Park 12) is the home of the Peace Park, which contains a monument as a tribute to those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

It is also the location of several sporting fields, as well as the linear trail which travels adjacent to the River Torrens and is popular for cycling, running and walking.

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