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Festival Centre
Suggested By Bruce Hubbard Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Demolish the Festival Centre. It is the bottom end of entertainment and it can be accommodated on Port Road. Create a new and vibrant music entertainment venue. In a crescent shape that follows the curve of the river and on more than one level. That has multiple entertainment halls, with bars, which can provide for numerous music genres at the same time, jazz, blues, rock. With multiple restaurants that offer numerous cuisines, Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Australian. This can then become a huge entertainment centre for Adelaide nightlife, overlooking the river. Turn the current Festival Plaza into a huge car park, so that taxis and limousines can arrive. All of this then becomes integrated with the casino and becomes a huge entertainment centre with bars, and music, and the casino, and the oval. A spectacular drawcard for interstate and international visitors, injecting a massive amount of wealth into the city. Imagine it. You arrive in a limo. You are greeted by the doorman. You have a fine meal in one of the restaurants enjoying the view of the river which has been upgraded with massive and spectacular light displays using lasers on the lake, with a selection of fine wines from the Barossa Valley, or Clare Valley, you enjoy some fine music, jazz, blues, several if you choose, and you can kick on at the casino and then head back to your hotel or apartment in the city after. This could be a spectacular drawcard for Adelaide. Imagine this, like the Jumbo Kingdom, you create this massive nightspot on the river with restaurants, and bars, and dance halls. An upmarket entertainment venue, with fine food and promoting our wine labels, that caters for wealthy visitors to the city injecting large sums of money into the economy through the nightlife. It could be sensational.

Karrawirra (Park 12)

Karrawirra (Park 12) is the home of the Peace Park, which contains a monument as a tribute to those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

It is also the location of several sporting fields, as well as the linear trail which travels adjacent to the River Torrens and is popular for cycling, running and walking.

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