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Outdoor Gyms
Suggested By Chris Goodson Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I would like to see multiple "Outdoor Gym Stations" placed around the parkland. Here is a link to an Australian company that produces the sort of outdoor gym i am talking about, there is also a link to pictures of these types of stations already installed in parks around the world. Company Link: mages Link: I have no association with this company the link is just to give an idea of the sort of equipment i mean. These types of stations promote a modern healthy sharing community/society

A place where people can gather to work out together and also take families for fun and exercise. Kids love using them and they are safe and fun to use as they use the persons body weight as resistance. Anyway i think it would be very cool.

It would also be good to have a lot more lighting all over the parkland as areas of it are very dark and unsafe. This could be coloured lights or just more lighting in general.