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The Sun Always Rises in the East
Suggested By Paul Gallasch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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A new residential district. Seeing as how the Adelaide Parklands are 3 times the size of Central Park in NYC; which suffices to meet the recreational needs of approx 1.2mil people in comparison to the approx 100,000 local residents who live in and around the Adelaide Parklands, it would be safe to say that ol' Colonel Light was a little ambitious in his city centre population predictions. The parklands have been and continue to be an under-used, isolating barrier to the growth of the city. My proposal is to create a new residential, pedestrian friendly neighbourhood in Victoria park that will not only be its own thriving community but will also tie the city to its eastern neighbours; creating a 'residential passage' between the city and the suburbs. The plan is to limit the building possibilities in this new neighbourhood (let's call it Victoria Park) to meet the specifications thus laid out. The area will be car free and scattered with footpaths and bicycle tracks in a maze-like design (think Tokyo's Golden Gai district meets a european Medieval city meets, and let's be realistic, some horrible 21st century building materials). The homes built will have to be medium to high density, but should be designed by as many different firms as possible (creating a diverse and distinct architectural aesthetic, and limiting the negative effects of the worst designs). The ground floor of most designs should be set aside for shop fronts with residential apartments above. And to top it all off, the city should make this housing mostly available to new immigrants. There will be no other neighbourhood like it in Australia.

And if need be, the Clipsal 500 can still operate in the northern part. A celebration of pedestrians overlooking a celebration of cars. The hypocrisy suits us.

Victoria Park/ Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi is home to a diverse range of activities, facilities and events that make it one of the Adelaide Park Lands most attractive parks. The recent development saw the establishment of several cricket and soccer fields as well as a fitness circuit, cycling track, BBQ facilities, public toilets and off-leash dog area. 

This park also plays host to several events across the year including the Clipsal 500 and Australian International 3 Day Horse Trial.

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