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Park 24 - Mediterranean Gardens
Suggested By Chris Pietsch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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My idea for Park 24, next to Adelaide High School grounds, is to establish a Mediterranean International Gardens which would focus on the gardening styles and philosophies of the Mediterranean region of the world. The garden would consist of several smaller gardens, each representing a different nation or culture. The largest of the Mediterranean gardens would be the Firenze Italian Gardens. With its Florentine fountains, renaissance balustrades and garden grotto, the Giardino all'italiana would lend themselves perfectly for a relaxing or romantic stroll before stopping in at the gelati stand for a tasty treat. The Sevilla Spanish Gardens would have a courtyard garden with fragrant citrus trees, colourful mosaic footpaths and a tapas bar in the alcoves. Over in the Ancient Greek Gardens there would be olive trees and Helenistic statues, whereas the Turkish Gardens could feature a Turkish foot bath while Moorish arches are the highlight of the Moroccan Gardens.

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Tampawardli (Park 24)

Tampawardli (Park 24) is located where the Ellis Park soccer fields and event space can be found. A recent upgrade of event space at the rear of the soccer pitches has seen this area have an increased ability to host a multitude of events such as Cirque de Soleil.

This park also contains several sporting fields, tennis courts, the Adelaide Park Lands trail, and is the grounds for the Adelaide High School.

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