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Park 18 - Northern Asian Gardens
Suggested By Chris Pietsch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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My idea for Park 18 is to expand on the Himeji Japanese Gardens and have a number of adjacent International Gardens that focuses on the gardening styles and philosophies of the Northern Asian region of the world.

The Himeji Japanese Gardens would be increased in size to cater for more people and have such cultural activities as Japanese tea ceremonies, origami afternoons and cosplay days. The Xi'an Chinese Gardens would possess a pavilion for Asian cultural exhibitions. A towering Chinese pagoda would sit in the middle of the park and be filled with aromas from its ground floor restaurant that rise all the way to the observation deck top floor. Located at a lakes edge, the Korean seowon hall would be a great place to catch a bit of theatre, music or a cultural show.

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Wita Wirra (Park 18)

Wita Wirra (Park 18) includes the Osmond and Himeji Gardens which attract a significant number of visitors. 

The Osmond Gardens are an important historic garden featuring trees and garden beds whilst the Himeji Garden represents an important example of contemporary Japanese garden design and celebrate Adelaide’s sister city arrangements with the ancient Japanese city of Himeji.

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