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Park 6 - Natural Setting
Suggested By Chris Pietsch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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My idea for Park 6 is to have it as a dedicated Natural Setting along with each other corner park of the Parklands. Park 6 would be based on a Mallee ecosystem. With its wide open grassland spaces, the park would be ideal for housing native inhabitants including kangaroos, emus and wombats. A central billabong wouldn’t just be a drinking hole for the locals, but also play an important role in the health of Park 6 and the greater Parklands with a large man-made aquifer underneath. The water from this source would be used throughout the northern Parklands, keeping them lush and green all year round. Park 6 would still be allocated for horse ridding, where you could ride your own horse or hire one from the resident riding school. Adjacent to the horse stables would be Adelaide City Farm where you can get up close to cows, sheep, chooks and more farmland critters. The City Farm would exist as an educational resource for urban folk to learn about farming and agriculture and expose city dwellers to the ups and downs of running of a farm.

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Nantu Wama (Park 6)

Nantu Wama (Park 6) is the last remaining location for horse and pony activities in the Park Lands. Contained within the park are depasturing paddocks which people can lease out to keep their horses.

This park also contains a range of amenities and facilities, including the popular ‘Helicopter Park’ playground which offers children an exciting play experience.

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