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Park 4 - European Gardens
Suggested By Chris Pietsch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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My idea for Park 4 is to create one of four International Gardens located within the Parklands (the others being in Park 18, 21W, 24). This International Garden would focus on the gardening styles and philosophies of the Northern European region of the world. The garden would consist of several smaller gardens, each representing a different nation or culture.

The Bordeaux French Formal Garden would be one of the largest and most geometrically pleasing. It would feature a petite cafe which serves all sorts of French delicacies, with its speciality being pastries. The English Landscape Gardens, among the daisies and posies, would have a permanent garden party taking place where the Devonshire tea is the order of the day. Another popular place within the park would be the thirst quenching beer garden located in the Munich German Garden. It would be open until late.

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Distinctly similar to the neighbouring Kantarilla (Park 3), it is significantly larger and shares the similar features of native vegetation and substantial open areas which are designated off-leash zones for dogs. 

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