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Park 3 - Statue Park
Suggested By Chris Pietsch Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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My idea for Park 3 is to turn it into one of five major Artscapes within the Parklands (along with Parks 14, 21W, 25, 27). The park would be filled completely by the Kandarilla Statue Park which would strive to achieve several endeavours through the art medium of statues. The first of these is to explore human movement, human form and the human condition. This would make up the majority of the Statue Park.

Within the park would also exist a 'Row of Honour', celebrating several prominent South Australians whose achievements are something to inspire the whole community (e.g. Andy Thomas-first Australian in space). It aims to remind us that anything is possible if you live in this great state. Everyday South Australians would also be recognised in a series of statues depicting a variety of typical residents from different time periods.

Specifically for the kids and the kids at heart would be the 'Children's Garden'. This part of the park would feature a number of statues of popular modern children's characters from around the world (e.g. Tin Tin, Astroboy, etc).

New works would be added to the Statue Park on a periodic basis. To make room for new works, older pieces could be sometimes relocated to other prominent positions around the Parklands and city. This would result in a rich culture of many statues filling the streets, squares and parks of the city.

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Kantarilla (Park 3)

Kantarilla (Park 3) contains an abundance of native vegetation. While there are no permanent facilities in this park, it is a designated off-leash area for dogs, meaning you can bring your pooch and let them stretch their legs at will. 

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