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Preserve our greatest asset
Suggested By Laura Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The Adelaide parklands are one of our greatest assets and should be preserved for future generations in the manner originally intended. As population increases and land values rise, dense development is going to be the way of the future and special places like the Adelaide parklands will become even more important as spaces for people to reconnect with nature.

It is essential for us to ensure that these parklands are maintained not just for the benefit of us, but also to benefit the environment and the native plant and animal species which live within them. The parklands provide habitat, assist with natural water management, remove pollutants and CO2 from the atmosphere, improve local climate, and provide physical, psychological and social benefits to people. The parklands should be maintained as natural spaces, not developed into a café, shopping, or entertainment precinct. There are many opportunities for those things in greater Adelaide. There is only one Adelaide parklands. Let’s preserve this unique and priceless asset.