Idea #618
Ecological Designed Carpark
Suggested By Vincenza Pearce Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I often drive past this park and wonder why it isn't being used for a eco friendly multi layered car park. A competition could be a great way to bring architects, designers and artists to come up with a concept that would create parking spaces for the North Adelaide area. This could contain Solar panels with battery storage that can sustain it's power needs, have a green roof garden with each floor having hanging vegetation, which could be kept watered in the dry months by water capturing technologies. Entrance and exit areas could be provided without loosing much space along Barton Tce or Lefevre Rd. This would then create a precedent for other car parks. It would also be a revenue raising for the Council to pay for the development over time. making sure that the amount charged for parking is not too high..

Kangatilla (Park 4)

Distinctly similar to the neighbouring Kantarilla (Park 3), it is significantly larger and shares the similar features of native vegetation and substantial open areas which are designated off-leash zones for dogs. 

What's happening in the park lands?