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Greenway connector
Suggested By Katrina Blichfeldt Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The Marino Rocks Greenway, the Outer Harbor Greenway and the Gawler Greenway all end at the edge of the parklands. A connector that runs east and parallel to the train line to join them would be awesome. It should go under the existing overpass of Port Road, adjacent to Gaol Road, run along the train line, join up with the pedestrian overpass of Glover Avenue, continue along the train line, and if it cannot fit underneath Hilton Bridge, then BPAC lights to safely cross Sir Donald Bradman, continuing between the trainline and west terrace. This increases safety for Adelaide High School students, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Narnungga (Park 25)

Narnungga (Park 25) is the home of many features and activities that make it one of the West Park Lands most used parks.

This park features several multi-purpose sporting fields used by people from all over the metropolitan area for sports such as AFL, cricket, lacrosse, and tennis. The Park Lands trail winds its way through this park providing opportunities for cycling, running and walking. 

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