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nature playspace and sustainable urban farm and organic market
Suggested By Peter Semple Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Lets create a wilderness nature playspace in the south parklands close to key transport links. Perth has naturescape in Kings Park. Melbourne has the newly opened Royal Park, Sydney is soon to have a wild play area in centennial park. I floated this idea 2 and a half years ago and we are falling even further behind other states. Children in urban settings need play in nature for so many great reasons so lets make it happen. Also I believe education about foosd production is a valuble tool that government needs to support An urban farm and in close proximity to the narure pkay area provides a destination for families and a valuable education experience. This also reflects the historical importance of the parklands as a source for food production I can also a organic market being atrached as a possible revenue stream. Think of the connection of the urban farm linking to the central markets. The southern parklands apart from sport have seen very little investment in appealing as a destination. Pockets of investment have occured but quite sporadic and detached from one another. A more focused approach around the tramline is a great posibility and will also serve adjacent suburbs who have limited open space this may lead to potential joint ventures.

Walyu Yarta (Park 21)

Walyu Yarta (Park 21) is home to everything from ornate and manicured gardens, to sport playing fields and community garden.

Situated on the South Terrace frontage of Walyu Yarta (Park 21), Veale Gardens is a characteristic 1960s-styled semi-formal garden, influenced by contemporary European urban public garden designs. Veale Gardens is an ideal spot for everything from relaxing picnics to grand weddings. 

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