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Innovative playspaces
Suggested Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The majority of the play spaces cater to the younger child, whilst I recognise care needs to be taken with reference to health and safety issues and concerns the parklands provide a great space for larger equipment. 

Teenagers enjoy swings, climbing equipment, trim trails and activities that are challenging and seem somewhat daring. Within these play areas we need to provide safe places for socialising, teenagers need to be with friends and make new acquaintances, and it's essential to take this into account when designing play equipment and areas for this age group.(look how our youngster hang out in Victoria Square) And lets face it we all know that physically fit teenagers are better learners and better integrated into social groups.

Pityarrilla (Park 19)

Pityarrilla (Park 19) is a one of the most utilised parks in the southern Park Lands. Containing several sporting facilities the park is regularly used by the Adelaide City Soccer Club.

This park also contains the Marshmallow Park playground which offers children an exciting and unique play experience. It also offers a great location for families as it contains BBQ, seating and toilet facilities.

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